Effectively managing outsourcing human resource is an urgent requirement of businesses, especially FMCG. Profoundly understanding it, NTComm provides a professional management tool called PSAM App (PGs' Sales Activity Management Application). On one hand, it will help to modernize management tasks and quickly synchronize data. On the other hand, it ensures to maintain qualified human resource in this major.


  • Real-time data updating

    All data PG sent to this system will be automatically and quickly recorded by real-time data, which limits time errors in comparison with manual method.

  • Visualizing report

    Synthesized data will be visualized vividly by charts, which helps administrators easily control the reality situation.

  • Stringent human resource management

    All data related to human resource and sales revenue will be managed under a highly synchronized system, which helps to ensure the security of this system.

  • Real-time checkin

    PGs check attendance by directly taking real-time pictures in outlets and send these data to host computer. All actions are operated and recorded quickly on users’ smartphones.

  • Online sales report

    Sales data is continuously updated from outlets and fully recorded by real-time data, which lets to limit errors of management system in comparison with manual method.

  • Time and budget saving

    This convenient management application helps to save resources and budget instead of manual methods.

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