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Whoo Event – Launching ceremony of Bichup version 2019

Known as the high-end oriental cosmetic brand of LG Household & Health Care cosmetic group, The history of Whoo has become a familiar name favored by women. In the past 2019, NTComm had the opportunity to collaborate with this popular brand in the Whoo Event – Launching ceremony of the Bichup version 2019. Through this, we organize an impressive event with high appreciation. Moreover, we have more chance to understand Whoo’s story.

From professional preparation of Whoo Event…

The preparation of launching ceremony had quickly reached the perfection in the look. It is still the luxury of the Korean royal breath expressed through the dominant golden color on the noble black background. Interwoven with the mural paintings of Phoenix, White Crane of Daejojeon (대조전) – impregnated by the queen in Changdeokgung (창덕궁). Whoo Event really brought participants to the Korean cultural space. Affirming the brand’s mission of preserving and honoring the beauty of the “modern queen”.

mau-vang-hoang-kim-whooo-event whoo-event-bichup2019

As far as we could see, to express a clear but equally subtle picture of Whoo required the organizer to really understand the brand story. The story of a name always wonders how to inherit, preserve and promote the traditions of the land of kimchi.

To professionally operated event

Whoo Event which took place on 19.10.2019 in Hanoi quickly attracted a large number of participants. In collaboration with Whoo in this event, NTComm brought a series of interesting activities for viewers. Including performing concerts, participating in seminars to introduce new products, or door gift wrapping instruction. Specifically, participants had the opportunity to experience Yoheonbo’s “maintenance of human beauty.” It is the focus of the launching event.

huong-dan-goi-qua-whoo doorgift-huong-dan

The appearance of PGs in Hanbok costume also contributed to create a formal atmosphere for this event. On the occasion of the launch of the new product, The history of Whoo also paid gratitude to VIP customers. Thereby saving memorable moments.


As it could be seen, Whoo Event is not just a simple product launch event. This was also the way The history of Whoo demonstrated the brand’s efforts on the road to conquering the “modern queens.” And this event also contributed significantly to bring the story of Whoo closer to the participants.